Difference between Brand Agency and Branding Agency

Nowadays, it is easy to get confused between concepts especially when talking about the confusing marketing world. A good understanding of both concepts is the key to stay out of confusion, take advantage of the marketing tools, and gain an accurate understanding of both of the concepts.

A Brand Agency is a firm specialized on giving exposure to your brand, a brand previously created by a branding agency and ready to be seen, heard or read by all of your possible costumers.

On the other end, a Branding agency is in charge to create your brand from scratch; helping you pick a name, a logo or a slogan are some of the processes you go to when hiring a branding agency.

Although the brand agency is different from the branding agency, they complement each other as one creates the brand and the other one rockets it with publishing strategies to gain visibility and new customers.

The Main difference between a brand agency and a branding agency is:


While the branding agency sets all of its efforts to create the brand identity and identifying the things that make your brand worthy and unique, the brand agency starts from the work done by the branding agency and chooses the most efficient path to communicate the accurate message that you want to communicate to your target destination.

The brand agency exists to give your brand publicity, and not just any publicity, but an interesting one, they make sure their work done by the branding agency is not thrown to waste by using the most efficient way to deliver your brand message. It is better to deliver the message accurately than in a decorated manner. In marketing, most of the times, if not all times, less is more.